Doodle® Bird-Safe Cleaner

Doodle is a non-toxic, fragrance free cage and accessory enzymatic cleaner. Works great on all pet or people messes and can replace many harmful household cleaners!

Superior cleaning at a fraction of the cost of the leading brands. Doodle is a safe product to use around birds.  Non-toxic, biodegradeable, and fragrance-free. Helps maintain a healthy environment for your bird. Doodle has been specifically created and compounded with the safety and health of pet birds in mind.  Ingredients have been reviewed by top avian professionals, and deemed safe to used around birds. Safe to use around all small animals. Reptiles too!

Carpet & upholstery formula also available. Available premixed or in concentrated refills to save on shipping.  Why pay to ship water when you can add your own?

Birds are sensitive to so many things we commonly use in our households. Many of these household cleaners can even be fatal to your pet bird.  Birds have very sensitive respiratory systems. They cycle air much differently than humans or other mammals.  Therefore they are very vulnerable to even small amounts toxins that would not bother us.  That’s why Doodle’s ingredients are not only safe, but they are fragrance free as even fragrances can be toxic to them.