Tips For Cleaning With Doodle®

Doodle can be used in place of most household cleaners! To maximize the effectiveness of Doodle and your time cleaning follow these simple steps:

For best results let Doodle sit for a minimum of 20 seconds on the area to be cleaned. This will give the enzymes a chance to work. In some cases it is best to allow a minute or more. It depends on the surface type and the type of organic substance that needs cleaning. In most cases a dry paper towel will wipe up the mess. However you might find that a damp rag will work better on some surfaces such as ceramic tile. Doodle works great on most any washable surface.  Rinsing may be needed for areas such as no-wax floors as it can leave a harmless film.  It is not necessary to rinse off Doodle after cleaning.  Any residual will not harm your bird or the cage.

Cages and Toys: Prepare the are to be cleaned by scraping, sweeping, vacuuming, shoveling, whatever you have to do to  remove the large debris. Spray area to be cleaned with Doodle thoroughly.  Let it soak in for a minimum of 20 seconds to give the  enzymes a chance to soften the crud. Wipe off with wet plastic scouring pad or damp rag or towel for best results.   Depending on what the ‘crud’ is and how long it’s been there, a second application may be necessary.  Rinse out towel/rag often in clean warm water.  

Manzanita:  Doodle works well on manzanita. But it needs to soak for about a minute. It then scrubs very well with a plastic scouring pad. Follow with a clean damp towel and let the wood dry before allowing your bird back on it.