Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Doodle is and is not.  Cleaning vs disinfecting.

Doodle is a very efficient and safe cleaning product. It has many uses beyond cage cleaning. The enzymes will soften organic matter to make cleanup easier. The detergent in Doodle will clean  as well as kill many germs as most detergents do. (Doodle is not being sold as a disinfectant.) ​

Organic matter must be removed before disinfecting. Otherwise the disinfecting agents will not be  able to kill the organisms it is designed to kill. ​

Regular disinfecting of the birds' cages and accessories is a matter of personal choice. If there are no known disease carrying organisms in the area, then regular disinfecting may not be necessary.  Nor is it recommended in many cases. Overuse of disinfectants carry the same risks as overuse  of antibacterials  and antibiotics.  When the organisms that really need removal will thus be resistant. Read what Dr. McCluggage has to say about overuse of disinfectants.

If you choose to disinfect,  please choose the product very carefully. Most disinfectants on the market for household use are not safe to use around birds.

The single most impotant thing to know is that ALL types of disinfecting methods need contact time to be effective. Spraying on and wiping off right away will do little or no good. Check the manufacturer's instructions for more information.